I have an egg less chocolate cake recepie. I want to make a black velvet cake. if I just add color to the batter or any alterations in the recepie?

I am a strict vegetarian.i don't cook eggs. If you could suggest me a black velvet cake receipe?

Tanushi Khandelwal


Nancy November 4, 2018
@Tanushi Khandelwal - or just use the eggless recipe you already have.
Nancy November 4, 2018
Use any good black velvet cake recipe and then use trusted vegan replacements for eggs & buttermilk in batter, butter & milk in frosting.
Miss_Karen November 4, 2018
I would suggest using black cocoa powder, not food coloring. Black food coloring stains everything- dishes, your teeth etc & turns a nasty bluish color.
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