How do you post a three part recipe on food 52?

I have a recipe with three parts. Each part has an ingredient list and process for making it. How do I post it? I only see an option for a 2 part recipe.

Couldn't Be Parve


Sagegreen March 10, 2011
I have a long wish list of things I would love to be able to look up on this site! As wonderful as this site is, I do think up things I would also love to see. I was puzzling over the 3 part recipe, and I just made two entries out of it. Also, if you start creating a one part recipe, then decide to make it 2 parts, and click there, you erase everything you listed already except the headnote. So don't change your mind midway if you haven't copied and pasted already!
Peter March 10, 2011
Ah, you folks sure are coming up with good challenges today! Ok, 3 part recipes. I added it to my list. Can't say long it will be but I'll be sure to update this Pickle when we add it.

P.S. I've started tagging all these conversations about the site with "site talk" -- try to use that tag on future posts -- it will make it easier for all of us to turn these up later.
pierino March 10, 2011
For a recent competition here's what I did (not necessarily with the approval of food52 editorial). I thought one component could stand on its own as an entry so I wrote that one up first. Separately I composed the other recipe and then just added a link back to the first one.
hardlikearmour March 10, 2011
There's not a perfect way to do it. You will need to post 2 of the ingredients lists together, then break down each process in the steps. So say for a tart, the first part would be crust, then the second part would be ganache and mousse (or whatever.) The first step you'd say "For the ganache:" and write your directions. Then say "For the mousse:" and write your directions.
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