I am making bitters, part of the recipe is to steep ingredients in water and let sit for 2 weeks. My question is, wouldn't it go bad?

I am storing in clean mason jar. It is second part of Sean Brock's Wild Carrot bitters recipe, so alcohol has been drained and set aside.

Krista Messer


Nancy November 25, 2019
Krista - I agree with your wariness about infusing in water only. Normally, preserving uses some agent that slows or prevents bacterial growth (sugar, salt, alcohol). Here's another view on how to make homemade bitters (without a water infusion). For possible futures.
Amanda H. November 24, 2019
Hi Krista, can you let me know what ingredients get steeped?
Krista M. November 24, 2019
Yes! It's orange rind and wild carrot roots and flower. First they are steeped with the alcohol (vodka 100 proof) then drained. After that I set aside the distilled alcohol and boiled the wild carrot and orange rind with 1 cup water, then transferred to a mason jar which has been sitting in my pantry and never opened, just shaken once in awhile, for 1.5 weeks now.
Amanda H. November 24, 2019
I can understand your concern. I would recommend storing it in the fridge while it steeps. The cold temp may slow the steeping but 2 weeks should be plenty to do the job, and then you don't have to worry!
Krista M. November 24, 2019
Well it's already been steeping for a week and a half and looking a bit iffy.
Amanda H. November 24, 2019
Oh, I see. I'm sorry to say that if it doesn't look good, then I'd toss it, and if you try it again, I'd go the refrigerated steeping route!
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