Please send your best non alcoholic punch recipe that adults can spike with bourbon or rum.

We have some adults who abstain from alcohol and teenagers too who would like a festive drink. I have a gorgeous punch bowl from the 1920s that belonged to my great aunt...I want to use it!

Stephanie G


Ella Q. November 15, 2018
Sounds so festive, I love a vintage punch bowl! Apple cider + sparkling water + a shrub would be nice.
Stephanie G. November 5, 2018
These are great ideas! Thank you so much! I will report back after the party!
Miss_Karen November 5, 2018
Equal parts orange juice, pineapple juice and cranberry juice. Then, you can add ginger ale or alcohol as desired.
Nancy November 5, 2018
@Stephanie -
This is a flavor & serving note, not a recipe.
Get a tried and true Kentucky Derby punch recipe (for the bourbon) or Cuban recipe (for the rum).
The first will point you in the direction of apple or citrus, the second toward tropical fruits.
Make up the punch, leaving out the liquor.
Then have the bartender offer the rum or bourbon to them as wants it.
Then, offer top-quality cream soda or vanilla soda to finish the non-alcohol drinks. That will give them the caramel notes otherwise coming from the alcohols, and the bubbles will set a festive mood.
Also, to distiguish the two, maybe serve eachbit it's own (rented/plastic glass):
Coupes or flutes for fizzy non-alcohol punch.
Old-fashioned glasses for Kentucky Derby or Old Havana punch.

Emma L. November 5, 2018
Hi Stephanie! Excited to see people's answers for this one. This shrub looks great for an autumn gathering; and I bet it would be wonderful with bourbon, too:
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