Thanksgiving emergency today (Nov 16). What can I make today/ship tomorrow, for dear relatives/friends in another state to enjoy on Thanksgiving?

Alas, we were going to fly in over the weekend, spend a few days enjoying the Bay Area / helping with Thanksgiving dinner shopping and prep, make ahead dishes, etc., and then spending Thanksgiving together making and eating the meal together. We have had to cancel due to health concerns arising from the poor air quality. I'd like to make whatever I can today to ship tomorrow, so it will arrive there by Wednesday. What do you think I should make and send? I'm thinking of making a double batch of cranberry chutney (this one! which is reminiscent of a mostarda) which I'll seal in Mason jars, and perhaps a big batch of spiced nuts. Any other ideas? Many thanks for your inspiration.

Mrs Beryl Patmore


Emma L. November 16, 2018
Hi! So sorry to hear about your change in plans. Both the cranberry chutney and spiced nuts sound great to me. I bet a loaf of bread (to turn into stuffing) or sturdy cake (to toast and top with any kind of cream) would travel well, too. Couple suggestions:
Mrs B. November 18, 2018
Emma, thank you. Of course, I could not make the cranberry chutney recipe noted above exactly, due to the short time available, but I did use the idea of adding dried cherries - as well as some dried cranberries and figs chopped into raisin-sized bits, instead of raisins. I added a good splash of brandy, and a pinch each of allspice, nutmeg and salt (and 100 g white sugar + 200 g brown sugar for 2 bags 12-ounce (420 g) bags of cranberries . If I may say so, it was altogether a success, promising to be even better when opened and enjoyed on Thursday. I made rosemary cashews and walnuts, and sent along some tasty sea salt and vinegar roasted almonds I found in the bulk department at my favorite food shop here, Sprouts (rather like Whole Foods, but better), when I was purchasing the nuts and cranberries.
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