gravy with dry cider

i want to make gordan ramsay gravy and it calls for 1 litre of dry cider and i dont know what that is or where to get it.

  • Posted by: Shane
  • November 17, 2018


Jennifer November 17, 2018
Yes, he means hard cider (adult beverage, not kid beverage). Dry, as in, not sweet. No opinion on quantity... Good luck!
Nancy November 17, 2018
Shane - check your recipe. Other versions of for that cider-walnut gravy say 1 cup (8 oz) or 1 bottle (which is often 12-16 oz) cider, not 1 liter (34 oz).
Shane November 17, 2018
1 litre good-quality dry cider it says on his website
Nancy November 18, 2018
Yes, his site says 1 litre, and has a couple of instructions to reduce, first by half, then by a third. My sources for his recipe using 1 cup and 1 bottle. Shane, your choice, of course, and the flavors DO sound good. Hope it's delicious...
Smaug November 17, 2018
Why do you want to make that? Never mind, none of my business- one would assume he means a not too sweet cider, perhaps one made with Granny Smiths or other tart apples. Whether he means hard cider or not I couldn't say, but that would be an awful lot of alcohol for gravy.
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