How do I make a FLUFFY pumpkin cheesecake? We’re big fans of fluffy cheesecakes, almost whipped-like texture; not the dense kind!

Stella Au


stefanie November 20, 2018
When I think fluffy, I think Japanese cheesecake, which like a chiffon cake mixed with a cheesecake and has that airy souffle feel - Alana from Fix Feast Flair has a pumpkin version:
Brinda A. November 20, 2018
Hi Stella,

Community member Lizthechef's Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe has gotten great reviews:

You'll just want to make sure to do a couple things as you're making it:
1) Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature when you're working with them. This will allow you to get out any lumps from the batter and mix them together completely into a consistent, smooth mixture without overmixing.
2) Speaking of over-mixing, try not to over-whip the batter, as it could cause the cake to puff up too much in the oven and then fall once it's come out, creating a denser, flatter texture (and we don't want that here!).

Last, if you're looking for a super-fluffy pumpkin dessert, check out Alice Medrich's pumpkin chiffon cake, which uses 8 whipped-up egg whites to provide a lift and fluffy texture for the dessert, in addition to 5 egg yolks to bind and add richness. Alice's recipe also uses rice flour, to add heft to the cake without weighing it down (sometimes, the gluten in all-purpose flour can make things a little chewier and denser). Here's the pumpkin chiffon cake recipe:

Hope this helps, and have a great Thanksgiving!
Jennifer W. November 20, 2018
A quick search online showed quite a few no-bake pumpkin cheesecakes that would give you the fluffier texture, or search for a pumpkin cheesecake mousse. Should do the trick
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