I don't have enough brine to fully submerge my turkey!

I made a full batch of an apple spice brine, but I don't have a bringing bag and I put my turkey and brine in a fridge drawer instead. Only half my turkey is submerged! What should I do?

Abbie Zulock


Joanna S. November 21, 2018
Oh no! Can you dash out to get a container big enough to fit the turkey and brine? Raw poultry is a food contaminant and I worry about having it directly in your refrigerator drawer. If you don't have anything big enough to completely submerge the turkey, I would recommend either spatchcocking it so it's a little more flexible or just rotating the bird every few hours so no one part is left out of the brine for too long.
MMH November 21, 2018
Use a 40 gal zip loc, add water to fill and place the bag in a cooler.
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