Almost Expires Pumpkin

Help! I just made my pumpkin pie filling with canned pumpkin, cream, sugar, eggs & spices. It tastes delicious right now, unbaked. But I just saw that one of the cans I used has an expiration date 11/2018. In fact, that’s the one I used the most of, and what’s left in the can doesn’t taste very good. Not horrible, just not as good as the one that expires in 2020. Do I need to start over?

  • Posted by: Jenny
  • November 21, 2018


Nancy November 22, 2018
Jenny...keep in mind most "best before " labels are about ideak food quality, are designed by manufacturers and stores to move product, and usually are safe/good for quite a while after the dates.
"Expires at " dates - esp for vulnerable populations like babies, older people and sick people, are more serious and yes often not safe to use after expiry date.
Nancy November 22, 2018
should read: ideal food quality...
Joanna S. November 21, 2018
Hey Jenny! I think you're totally OK to use the 11/2018 can—it's not even expired yet! I think if the filling tastes good, the pie should be good too.
Jenny November 21, 2018
Thank you! I was dreading another trip to the grocery store!
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