Apparently we got the last three cans of coconut cream, and our vegan Thanksgiving is two cans short. Any suggestions on a suitably vegan substitute?

We’ve got frosting, ambrosia, and sweet potato soup to worry about...



Nancy November 22, 2018
Since logic or reason isn't giving you answers & people have different priorties...Have the proponents for using the coconut cream in each dish play paper scissors rock to see which dishes get it and which dishes don't.
Then use substitutes or reconfigure part of the menu

creamtea November 21, 2018
Perhaps one of the alternative milks like macadamia, almond or even oat for the soup? I would probably save the coconut cream for the frosting.
adambravo November 21, 2018
Hah! That was my first thought, but my brother doesn't want to thin out his soup with milk instead of cream.
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