Meep! My capon is done too early! Do I reheat later?

I made the Russ Parson recipe on a 9lb capon, and dang, it cooked fast! I have an hour before guests arrive, and ideally, 3.5 hours before I serve it. Should I reheat? No one eats the skin so that's not an issue. Any and all game day advise appreciated!

  • Posted by: Karla
  • November 22, 2018


Nancy November 22, 2018
There's also the technique of carving now, putting it in a heatproof platter with some depth or low casserole, adding a bit of gravy, cover. Leave. Heat up in oven just before you will be cooked and moist.
Kristen M. November 22, 2018
The easiest and best safeguard against accidentally drying it out by reheating would be to just keep it warm—an empty towel-lined cooler would do the job nicely (it insulates hot temps as well as warm!). Any chance the rest of the meal might be ready to serve a little earlier?
Kristen M. November 22, 2018
Oops, meant to say it insulates hot temps as well as cool!
Karla November 22, 2018
Thank you so much! Unfortunately unlikely we can make it earlier. I am done with the oven for a while - wondering if an off oven might do the same? Happy Thanksgiving!!
Kristen M. November 22, 2018
Yes, but depends a bit how well-insulated your oven is—a low oven (like 200F) would be more predictable, and the capon should have enough fat to protect it from drying out too fast. I also like Nancy's suggestion below—that's what Ina Garten does when she makes her turkey ahead!
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