friend cooked me individual serving size mac and cheese, we froze wish to eat one. didn't defrost first is there a way to reheat frozen

Sherry E


Sherry E. August 16, 2019
hi since no one answered yesterday, I googled it and found just what I needed. take out frozen, heat oven to 350-375F. add 1T water to my individual serving, cover tin foil cook 40 min, check about 25 minutes into it. I slid a knife edge in. done 5 minutes later, creamy delicious!!! top had some parm and it crisped up nicely. when in doubt, "google"
Ethyl August 16, 2019
If you have a microwave you should be able to heat it in there, just like any store-bought frozen meal! Just be sure to use low power since you can't stir it at first and that will allow the heat to penetrate more evenly.

If you don't have a microwave, you can cook casseroles from frozen, just be sure to cook them to 165F/74C for safety. It will take much longer though!
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