How would you scale this to feed a crowd (15 or so- 4-6 oz servings) and could I keep this warm on low in a crockpot?

Extra Dark Cocoa
Recipe question for: Extra Dark Cocoa


Nancy November 24, 2018
On the one hand, just multiply by volume. Original made 1 cup (8 oz) serve 15 people 4 oz each make 7.5x; to make 6 oz each, make 11x.
On the other hand, recipes can go wonky when multiplied more than 2 times.
To check you numbers (and your timing in the crock pot), perhaps compare it to a recipe developed and tested both for that appliance and for a crowd (so your multiplying ingredients doesn't go weird).
See, for example, this one:
702551 November 24, 2018
The author provides guidance on scaling in the headnote: “just multiply it as needed to serve more.”

While I haven’t made this specific recipes, my experience with cocoa drinks is that they are best when freshly made so I would avoid adding continuous heat. I would opt for storing in a thermos, especially the old school ones with the reflective glass receptacle.

Best of luck.
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