How many kilos of meat can be used for a tray of 30 eggs

  • Posted by: Melvis
  • December 1, 2018
Scotch Egged Turkey Meat Balls
Recipe question for: Scotch Egged Turkey Meat Balls


BakerBren December 1, 2018
Melvis, It looks like there are 5 eggs required per single recipe quantity, so you'll be making 6X the original recipe to use up 30 eggs (notice not all are hard boiled). 6x0.75lb=4.5lb Converting to kg, that's 2kg of meat.
Nancy December 1, 2018
BakerBren -
I have a slightly different calc.
Recipe calls for 4 hard-cooked eggs (1 of the 5 mentioned is for the prep of the meatballs, in flour, egg wash etc).
So 30 egg servings requires 7.5x recipe of 12 oz (336g) meat, thus 2.5 kg.
BakerBren December 2, 2018
Nancy, that 7.5x would be correct if Melvis is trying to use up 30 hard boiled eggs and has extra eggs to include in the meatball prep part. If there are only 30 eggs to work with in the given tray, then some will be hard boiled, and some will be added to the meat mixture (24 and 6 respectively). That's how I arrived at the 6x multiplier. Thanks for your vigilance!
Nancy December 2, 2018
I see - both answers are right.
It depends on whether Melvis question means starting with 30 total eggs or being able to serve 30 h-c eggs.
Thanks for clarifying.
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