Can I sear brisket on the grill before I braise?

The stovetop can be such a mess. I'm making two 5lb briskets so using a large disposable aluminum tray to braise. Using Nach Waxman's recipe, and I was thinking of flouring and searing the meat on the grill first. Any thoughts?

  • Posted by: Jst123
  • September 18, 2017


SMSF September 18, 2017
I always use my gas grill to sear lamb shanks before oven-braising. I think brisket would work just fine the same way.

While you won't have any fond to help out flavor-wise, I think it's an acceptable trade off because there's none of the mess/smoke/lingering odors of stovetop searing. Let us know if you try this!
Nancy September 18, 2017
I haven't done it, but there's a recipe that looks good at which had just this 2-step (sear then braise).
Good luck & please tell us how your brisket turns out
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