I would like to upload photos to my profile, do I have to submit a recipe in order to do so? Linked profile to Facebook ...does this help?

  • Posted by: Laura_K
  • March 12, 2011


Burnt O. March 12, 2011
You do have to upload a recipe, and the photos files have to be uploaded from one of your photo files on your computer - just like Facebook. The Facebook link allows you to post your activity here on Food52 to your Facebook page, but not vice versa. In other words, if you have linked your Facebook profile, and you post a recipe, a notice will post on your Facebook status that you posted a new recipe on Food52, but your Facebook updates don't post here, and neither will your Facebook Photos.
drbabs March 12, 2011
Do you mean other than that precious photo of you and your baby? Yes, you have to submit a recipe. When you finish your submission, the site takes you to a page where you can upload photos. Try it--it's fun!
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