On my profile page, I can't see a link to my blog. Can you? I've tried logged in and logged out but I still can't see it. Help!

Kitchen Butterfly


Kitchen B. March 15, 2011
Thanks mrslarkin & panfusine. Relief.
Panfusine March 14, 2011
it doesnt show up unless you're logged out from everything on food52. this includes your facebook account linked to this site as well. just visit the site as a disconnected guest, go to cooks & search for your name.. your blog will show up..
mrslarkin March 14, 2011
Hi KB, when I click on your profile, I do see the "check out my blog" tab thingy. And it takes me to your blog. I think it's set so it doesn't show up when viewing your own profile. P.S. Nice coconut jam drops! Are you home or still in America?
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