I would like a recipe for dinner rolls that has been successfully made in advance, frozen and reheated before dinner.

  • Posted by: mbobden
  • December 4, 2018


JP December 6, 2018
I made the Easy Dinner Rolls for al Thanksgiving from the I Am Baker site. The first batch was too big-more like hamburger bun size. The second was better. Made a week ahead. After baking cooled completely, wrapped in foil and then in a Ziplock. Warmed at 350° until warmed through, reslathered with a bit of butter and coarse salt on top. Delish. The dough of the first batch as too sticky l, I think I added nearly an extra cup (a spoonful at a time) when I made the second batch.
BakerBren December 4, 2018
For pretty good results, you can make nearly any roll you choose (I usually riff on challah scaled in 70g balls), then freeze them in zip freezer bags once fully cooled after baking. When you're ready to serve, reheat them in a 350F oven for 15 minutes on a rack or sheet pan. Serve and enjoy.
Robin December 4, 2018
Hi, I'm a professional chef and for the last few years I've used King Arthur Flour's soft white dinner roll recipe in the way you're suggesting. I believe they have 2 recipes that use instant potatoes and nonfat dry milk- either one of those are perfect in this use.
Mix the dough according to the recipe using instant yeast - everything should be cold. I use a stand mixer. Once the dough is mixed, immediately portion off and shape the rolls. Clean off a space in your freezer and insert a sheet pan. Arrange the shaped rolls on the sheet pan and let freeze until frozen solid. One they are frozen solid, you can put them in plastic bags in desired quantity. To finish the rolls, remove them from the freezer in the desired quantity 6 hours or so before service. Put them into a greased pie or cake pan, cover and leave them to rise in a warm place. Once risen, brush with egg wash and bake off according to the recipe. I've never had a problem with them - they are always perfect.

The other method that is often used is to mix the dough, put it into a zip bag and let it rise in the refrigerator for 24 hours. You can shape, wash and bake the rolls just before service.
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