How should these be packaged for mailing coast to coast?

  • Posted by: Vicki
  • December 5, 2018


702551 December 5, 2018
That's a sensible compromise.

Shipping early in the week is wise. That's how wineries, fruit basket companies, etc. prefer -- to avoid the shipments from lingering in a distribution warehouse or loading dock over the weekend.

That's less of an issue during the cooler months but it's better for the parcels to be in transit rather than being parked uselessly for a couple of days.

Ship on a Monday for two-day delivery and the delivery will be scheduled for sometime Wednesday; that's efficient.

Ship on a Thursday and for some services (like UPS), two-day delivery will be scheduled for the following Monday (it's two business days, not two calendar days).
Vicki December 5, 2018
Thank you for your suggestions. Since the post office is closed today, I think I will freeze the dough I've made and not bake them until Monday. I don't want to risk them sitting over the weekend in the post office. I'm leaning toward the idea of small quantities packed in cellophane bags and placed in a metal box then in a postal box surrounded by bubble wrap. With fingers crossed!
702551 December 5, 2018
The Japanese would likely put each cookie in an individual plastic bag and then bubble wrap each wrapped cookie, then place each one carefully in a nice box to be placed into a shipping box that can take some punishment.

If you don’t want to put that kind of effort/care, just put in a gallon ziplock and toss in a box. Bubble wrap or shipping peanuts will minimize breakage.

I’d ship via a common carrier’s two-day or three-day service, primarily to maintain peak freshness.

No need to worry about temperatures in December unless you’re shipping to SoCal or Hawaii. Bubble wrap would provide some insulation.

Best of luck.
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