Any ideas for improving a shrimp cocktail platter?

I might buy a store-bought cooked shrimp platter for a holiday party, and thought I could make a more interesting dipping sauce.The main course at the party is korean ribs.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Posted by: Inko
  • December 17, 2018


Summer O. December 17, 2018
While not Korean, I often make a chimichurri sauce to serve next to the traditional cocktail sauce. Many seafood restaurants here also serve a remoulade sauce or something similar to a gribiche.
inpatskitchen December 17, 2018
I know raspberries aren't in season in most areas but this dipping sauce is one of my favorites:
HalfPint December 17, 2018
Since the main course is Korean, I would add a gochujang dipping sauce like this one,
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