How would I make a cookie with a graham cracker crust? Is there a way to stabilize the crust?

I want to do a few experiments. It may be hard to put a graham cracker crust on the bottom but maybe there is another way? I figure the dough has to be a certain consistency as well.

  • Posted by: J
  • December 18, 2018


Nancy December 18, 2018
You could use the recipe for a graham cracker pie crust as one layer of a bar cookie.
They are already used this way in Canada's famous (can't eat just one) Nanaimo Bars. Here's a sample recipe:
Smaug December 18, 2018
Hmm- you could form the crust on a piece of aluminum foil, cut your cookies out and bake it; then freeze it and peel the foil off, giving you a base. Of course you could just use graham crackers too. I'm not sure how it would work out trying to bake something on top of it- it would be interesting to try, but you could top with something that would stick- chocolate or something marshmallowy, maybe. Possibly do it as a sandwich cookie.
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