Saving a kosher cut up chicken.

Could I have some feed back please. I am still at a loss. I have a kosher, brined, cut up kitchen, which I had forgotten about in the fridge. It was still sealed. I open up the chicken, there is no discoloration,and a slight smell, which disappears when washed. Will I die if I eat it? I am not serving it too guests. Really hate to chuck it. Replies, thoughts asap, please.

Helen Drezner


Julia C. December 21, 2018
How bad does it smell...bad chicken smells so bad you wouldn't want to eat it. I work in restaurants and have smelled my fair share of rotten chicken, its disgusting. How long has it been in the fridge, usually chicken lasts past it use by date.
creamtea December 21, 2018
You don't say how long you kept the chicken in the refrigerator. I usually buy my (kosher) chickens on Tuesday or Wednesday for cooking on Friday morning/afternoon and for eating Friday night and Saturday lunch. Similarly, when I make a Thanksgiving turkey I buy it on a Monday for dry-brining, so for me, up to 3 days is a safe window but by all means consult the link Nancy provides in her post.
Nancy December 21, 2018
I bow to your practical experience...
But/and note that the brining helps preserve the turkey.
And on the weekly chicken, you're in or not much beyond what USDA, CDC etc recommend.
creamtea December 21, 2018
Didn't mean to contradict you Nancy, and you're right about the dry-brine acting as a preservative. I wouldn't go beyond 3 days. I also compare the sell-by dates in-store to make sure I buy the freshest chicken; it may even have been in the meat section a day or even two before being sold.
Nancy December 21, 2018
No worries.
Welcome different info or point of view, always.
Nancy December 21, 2018
Helen -
Have a look at this website, which provides useful information about the actual safe keeping dates of many foods, not the "best buy" which are manufacturers and stores' language for please get it off our shelves.
Data comes from United States Dept of Ag, FDA & CDC.
In your case, chicken sold in parts, raw, refrigerated should be cooked and/or frozen within 1-2 days.
Hope your bird falls within that time.
Nancy December 21, 2018
PS I sent the link for a whole raw chicken. But if you go to the site you can find safe-keeping info for cut up pieces.
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