How far in advance can I make this? If I made it 2 full days and kept in fridge is it ok?

  • Posted by: Sarah
  • December 23, 2018
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Peppermint Hi-Hat Cake
Recipe question for: Peppermint Hi-Hat Cake

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Amy January 10, 2019
Based on my knowledge of 7 minute frosting, it's very meringue like. I've never made this cake before, but I suspect it would break down in the fridge and not be the same as it is fresh. Picture a lemon meringue pie that's been in the cooler. The meringue normally weeps, so I'm guessing this would do the same and the chocolate coating might suffer. But it would be worth a "test run" to see, if you were so inclined to do so and if you had time. It might be just fine.

Good luck!
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