Can I use something else instead of coconut oil for the glaze?

Peppermint Hi-Hat Cake
Recipe question for: Peppermint Hi-Hat Cake


Christine January 10, 2019
Hi Erin! I made this cake last night and it is delicious! Unfortunately, it ended up more like a York peppermint patty because I just couldn’t get peaks on the egg whites! Any idea of what I could’ve done wrong?
Kate M. December 20, 2018
Hi Erin, your cake is beautiful. I cannot wait to try it. How do you recommend you slice it to keep the slices perfect?
Erin M. December 20, 2018
Use a warm knife and you’ll be able to slice very cleanly and easily. Dip your knife in very hot water and wipe it clean with each slice you make!
Erin M. December 19, 2018
You can just make a simple ganache - like glaze instead using chocolate and heavy cream, but this magic shell style glaze really only works with coconut oil, it helps it set firm!
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