Favorite seltzer maker?

Do you have one you love? They’re not cheap so I’d love recommendations. (Not a SodaStream!) I wish food52 carried one!

  • Posted by: Esvee
  • December 28, 2018


BakerBren December 30, 2018
I carbonate with a 5Lb CO2 Cylinder with a regulator and some hose fittings available from homebrew supply stores. It's a bit DIY but significantly more cost effective than countertop seltzer appliances--especially for large quantities. I have a specialty 2.5 gallon keg that I use to hold the seltzer, but there are many options including reusable 1 liter bottles.
creamtea December 30, 2018
We love our Soda Stream as well. Wouldn't trade it for anything!
BerryBaby December 28, 2018
We have a Soda Stream and it makes perfect sparkling water.
Haven't tried other brands so can't compare it.
Esvee December 29, 2018
Thanks BerryBaby!
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