can I make this cake a day or two before serving?

  • Posted by: Annie
  • January 4, 2019


Ella Q. January 10, 2019
Hi Annie,

Yes, definitely!
Lori T. January 5, 2019
Yes, you can. I've done it, and had it in the frig for two days before it was eaten. You can either opt to serve it cold or warm it slightly for a few seconds in the microwave. The local IKEA sells it frozen, to be defrosted and served cold, so I didn't think it would likely suffer in the chilling and it didn't. I imagine you could even freeze a homemade version, if you needed to. The challenge is not actually storing one, but resisting the temptation of eating it all yourself. However, I opted to cut down slightly on the amount of sugar because it was just a tad sweet for me as written.
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