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I need 28oz of canned crushed tomatoes in puree. My hubby bought me a 28oz can of crushed tomatoes and a 15oz can of puree. Does anyone know how much puree I should add to the crushed tomatoes?

Betty Defloria


Nancy January 19, 2019
Unless it's a cake, tomatoes don't have to be exact.
And the difference between (plain) diced tomatoes & diced tomatoes (in puree) isn't great.
If its a stew or soup, I might use all of both cans...rather than having a little bit sit lonely in the fridge, waiting for a usage.
If you want to keep to the 28 oz total, use either the whole 28 oz crushed tomatoes, or the whole can of puree and about half the crushed tomatoes.
Betty D. January 19, 2019
Thank you I do see what you mean. So it gives me other options .
June January 20, 2019
Leftover puree can be frozen in small amounts (one of two tablespoons) and used for future recipes.
BerryBaby January 20, 2019
June has a great idea of freezing the purée...use ice cube trays.

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BerryBaby January 19, 2019
I would drain the crushed tomatoes in a colander (save the juice for drinking) put the crushed tomatoes back n the 28 oz can and add the purée until the tomatoes are covered or the can is filled.
Save the leftover purée for a quick sauce over pasta,
Betty D. January 19, 2019
Thank you that sounds logical to me.
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