Fresh tomato puree uses?

We received fresh tomato puree in our CSA box this week and I need to use it tonight. Ideas? It's much thinner than regular/canned tomato puree/sauce (more like broth), it has the seeds but no skins. I'm thinking I'll just use it the way I'd use regular canned puree? thoughts? Great ideas?



susan G. February 24, 2012
And if you need to, it should freeze perfectly.
MTMitchell February 24, 2012
Great! Thanks! My husband voted spaghetti. I'm adding the bloody Mary. It's been a long week.
bigpan February 24, 2012
I would put some in a glass, add a splash or two of worchestershire and tobassco, a healthy dose of vodka - and call it a fresh bloody mary.
sfmiller February 24, 2012
Eggs in Purgatory (basically, eggs poached or baked in a spicy tomato sauce) is a quick, simple way to showcase fresh tomato puree. I make it often when the garden's pumping out tomatoes in late summer/early fall.

Here's a recipe, but it's an easy dish to adapt to your tastes and what you've got on hand. I cook the eggs in a covered skillet, and like to add a couple chopped anchovies and capers to the sauce:
Amanda H. February 24, 2012
You can use it just like you use regular tomato puree -- in pasta sauces, in stews and braises. Also, you could season it with salt and use it as a topping for pizza. If you find it too thin, you can also simmer it to reduce it.
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