French macarons

Asking for a niece: can you substitute regular or cake flour for almond flour in French macarons? what might be other substitutions if not wheat flour. Thanks.

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • April 9, 2019


Lori T. April 9, 2019
No, the almond flour is what makes a macaron a macaron. Otherwise, it's just a regular cookie. You can substitute other ground nut flours, and I've even seen them made with pumpkin seed flour for those with nut allergies. I have read where people suggest substituting whole wheat flour for the almond flour, but I think that defeats the purpose of making a macaron. The macaron is basically a meringue cookie with nut flour, using that and a bit of the starch from powdered sugar to stabilize and hold it together. If you don't want to use nut flour, or don't have it on hand, then perhaps it's best to just make meringue cookies which don't require nut meal or flour at all.
Sylvie April 9, 2019
Hi! no substitute !!! A macaron is a very sensitive pastry - the change in ingredients, temperature,... will affect its consistency!
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