Plating dilemma

Im plating a chicken dish for my exam and I'd like to use the swirl effect using a brush to coat the bottom of the plate. However I don't have a turn table, so how do I create a seamless and beautiful look, without the turn table

Nandipha Motsa
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boulangere February 5, 2019
You might try a Zen circle, which is done freehand and can be much less precise. I do this often with melted chocolate to decorate dessert plates. No turntable required.

Nancy February 5, 2019
Just wondering, what other plating ideas did you have, that might be easier to execute and/or control to your satisfaction?....
BakerBren February 5, 2019
I suppose you could improvise a turntable somehow... If you can bring one in to the exam, I've found them before at thrift stores. Also, microwaves usually have a little ring of removable wheels under their plates that you could pull out and use then replace when finished. It's not perfect, but would work. Those are my first few ideas.
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