mandelbrot like thumbprint cookies

Long story short, I make a family recipe for mandelbrot (biscotti) with and without jam. For the jam version, I usually make a trench in the long piece of dough after first baking, fill with jam, cut in finger-shaped slices and bake the second time.
But carrying them to Seder dinner at someone else's house and then plating them is often messy.
Thought of shaping them like thumbprint cookies, but leaving the jam out, then filling them just before plating & serving.
Reactions and/or advice? suggestions on how to shape? baking time and temp?

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • March 26, 2018


Nancy April 16, 2018
LJ, thanks for noticing & asking.
I made square cookies in two sizes (large and small), so I could cut them easily and bake twice.
Only added the jam at serving.
All worked.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 16, 2018
Oh nice, so glad to hear they worked well! You'll have to upload your recipe to share with us!
Nancy April 16, 2018
Will do.
Nancy April 25, 2018
Here's the recipe, to tuck away until next year or when you need it.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 25, 2018
Wonderful, thanks Nancy!!
Lindsay-Jean H. April 6, 2018
I'm sorry you didn't receive an answer to this Nancy. How did they turn out for you?
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