Browning in the Microwave

I really like the browned crust that forms at the corners of a dish when cheese is nuked just the right amount of seconds. But how can I create this on other dishes? IS there a weight-to-cooktime ratio table or something? And why do eggs explode??

  • Posted by: sinjinp
  • March 5, 2012


lorigoldsby March 6, 2012
But don't walk away, check your email or multitask! It's only a few seconds from golden deliciousness to "call the fire dept!"
lorigoldsby March 6, 2012
You need to use the "broil" function on your oven (even a toaster oven!) to get that browned texture you are looking for!
chef O. March 6, 2012
No browning in the nuke like in a pan. Sometimes your food may crisp like the cheese but that's it
Mr_Vittles March 6, 2012
Eggs explode because the air expands in the shell and the shell cannot contain it due to its rigidity. No, there is not a weight to cook time ratio. You can create this in other dishes by doing exactly what is accomplished in microwave. Essentially, the microwaves emits radiation that vibrates the h2o molecules in the subject, which creates friction, which creates heat. That heat is what is crusting the cheese, well, the absence of water, due to evaporation and the heat generated from vibrations. Do this by using dishes with lips and/or making sure there is excess cheese around the sides of your casseroles. The same principle can be reproduced in the oven. Test, test, test.
sinjinp March 7, 2012
Actually, even de-shelled hard-boiled eggs will explode.
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