My husband can't eat salami or any products with pork or beef due to an allergy. Would there by a good substitute for the salami in this recipe?



Jonny February 13, 2019
Thanks for the updates on subs. I'm a low sodium person so using the olives & salami is a bit too much. Still thinking about this tho cuz I think I can modify for me.
Frances K. February 13, 2019
I would just skip it if I were you. Which is what I was going to do because I don't care for typical cold cuts. But I found some nice sporosetto salami so used that. Frankly, I don't think it stood out and I wouldn't have missed it.
BerryBaby February 13, 2019
I agree with Nancy. Also you could eliminate the salami and add Italian spices. I like the idea is adding lemon.
Nancy February 13, 2019
The headnote encourages use of other salty foods (pickles, miso, etc) so you're on solid ground.
Maybe use a preserved lemon (has salt & olive oil) instead of or in addition to the lemon juice mentioned.
Also various vegetable pickles (not just cucumbers).
Last, many delis sell roasted or smoked turkey, if your husband can eat that.
Nancy February 13, 2019
PS to avoid cross-contamination from beef or pork at deli when buying turkey, ask for pre-packaged or have them cut it with a freshly cleaned knife.
Kelly R. February 19, 2019
Would you recommend smoked turkey cut into cubes or strips? I have a daughter who does not eat beef or pork - no allergy, just preference. Thanks!
Nancy February 19, 2019
Kelly whatever is available (smoked turkey is only in some delis).
Then cut it however your family prefers and/or so it looks nice in your pot.
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