Soft foods following oral surgery

Looking for ideas beyond scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes to make for my husband who just had two wisdom teeth removed (and he's no kid!). Thanks@

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • February 14, 2019


Ttrockwood February 15, 2019
Well he isn’t allowed hot foods for first few days. Cold are best, maybe room temp.
Think smoothies and puddings initially. Overnight oats work well too and can mix in some creamy nut butter and mashed banana. Yogurt, ice cream, sorbet, avocados....

It’s just a few days of the most painful part, once it’s ok to have hot foods any soft pasta or something like ravioli is great. Baked white fish, baked potatoes, braised cabbage, rice, soft meatballs, and about any soup or stew work well
DebJ February 15, 2019
Grest ideas. Thank you!
Ttrockwood February 16, 2019
Another thought is that he will also be on antibiotics, so having yogurt, kefeir, miso, kombucha, and other sources of probiotics and prebiotics will help ease digestive issues from antibiotics
Stephanie B. February 14, 2019
Oh man, been there too - got my wisdom teeth out last fall at the ripe age of 30. It was no fun. I second the immersion blended soups. My husband made me red lentil soup, and mac 'n cheese with roasted and pureed cauliflower mixed in. He purposely overcooked the noodles to hell and back, which wasn't fun texturally, but it was tasty mac 'n cheese regardless. I ate a lot of yogurt and ice cream. I think something like risotto or congee would work too.
DebJ February 15, 2019
Thanks for your suggestions, all good.
Gammy February 14, 2019
My sympathies to your husband. Been there. Until your husband's tooth sockets heal over, he'll also need food that will not get caught in the holes. Soups are good, especially if you have or are willing to purchase an immersion blender to smooth out the texture of foods. Sweet potatoes and roasted butternut squash can be pureed. Milkshakes, ice cream (if he's OK with the cold), jello, puddings for dessert.
DebJ February 15, 2019
Good suggestions...and yes I have an immersion blender. Thanks!
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