Charlie trotter recipe??

I'm looking for a recipe for Szechuan orange crisps that I think are in a Charlie trotter cookbook...Cannot remember how long to crisp and at what temp...none of his books are on the shelf at my local store...and my collection seems to have disappeared..??



Wiltpantry1 March 20, 2011
Thanks for the links littleknitter. What I am looking for are paper thin slices of orange that are blanched in Szechuan infused simple syrup and then crisped on a silpat until completely dry in a low oven...the result is delicious and perfectly crisp...a nice garnish or used as a "base" for a canape instead of bread...
Joanrich August 2, 2015
Check out Trotter cooking with Child. Episode of scallops and peach soup. Shows how to crisp apples, and other fruit.
littleknitter March 19, 2011
Well, it's not a Charlie Trotter recipe, per se, but here are a couple of orange crisp recipes that I found:
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