Anyone have a recipe for Orange Cake?

On a recent trip to Athens, we were served Orange Cake that was so moist and delicious. Looking for a recipe??

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Nancy July 17, 2022
Most probably not what you had on your Greek holiday, but a very good orange cake I've made many times - orange almond cake. A sponge cake, so very moist.
From Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Beck, Bertholle and Child, I think the first of the two volumes.
Republished many times on the web, for ex:
702551 July 16, 2022
My guess is that 99% of the orange cake recipes on Food52 aren't what you ate even if those recipes are mostly good.

Most likely you ate something traditionally Greek.

I typed in "greek orange cake" into an Internet search engine (yeah, one of those things people actually used 10-15 years ago) and learned that indeed, there is a traditional Greek orange cake called portokalopita.

Since your description is very sparse, switch to the photo search tab and see if you can find something that resembles what you ate.

If you remember the restaurant's name, you can try contacting them about what you were served. If you are lucky, maybe they even have a menu online.

Next time, if you eat something outstanding while traveling abroad, ASK THEM ON THE SPOT WHAT THE LOCAL NAME IS AND WRITE IT DOWN. You'll have a much greater chance of finding a faithful recipe online.

For example, a few years ago I was traveling in Dresden and I had a delicious local cheesecake. I wrote down the name and now I will never forget what Eierschecke is. Typing in "cheesecake" into the Food52 search engine would just generate a pile of incorrect hits.

Also, I suggest you use search engines with a greater reach rather than the the search engine here. This site is highly US-focused (since nearly the entire readership is Americans with a handful of Canadians and residents of other English-speaking countries) and a foreign dish will have better representation on a wider range of sites including some that focus on one country's cuisine (i.e., a Greek food blog).

Best of luck.
drbabs July 16, 2022
Here are all the test kitchen approved recipes for orange cake on the Food52 site. Have fun.
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