Myriad Nutritional Powders: Any you'd like for coating peanuts?

Spirulina is only one out of ~ 10 nutritional powders sold. i'm still looking for ones that would help me w/ my Healthier SnackMix ideas, that, like nutrit'nal yeast, are delicious additions.. Thx so much.

LeBec Fin


Ttrockwood March 9, 2019
Oh ick, don’t use spirulina!! Hahaha, and it would turn your fingers blue/green!
How do you get the coating to stick to the nuts? Just egg white and bake them? I would do hemp seeds, they’re really small and would stick pretty well. (Do NOT use hemp protein powder which is somehow nothing like hemp seeds)
Could also be fun to use peanut flour, which is just powdered peanuts but also just as nutritionally dense as peanuts.

Or, swap in baked spiced chickpeas- they’re high in fiber, low fat, high protein, and easy. Also a good way to add some spices like tumeric and black pepper (extensive research can be found on benefits of tuneric but note needs to be in combination with black pepper)
LeBec F. March 10, 2019
tt, thx so much! i'm now going to compare nutrition of chickpeas vs peanuts.
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