Sad Sourdough Scenario

I have a perfectly proofed, ready-to-bake blob of sourdough bread dough--- but my oven is broken :( Any ideas on what to do with the dough? I'm limited to stovetop

  • Posted by: RJC
  • March 18, 2019


Linda March 24, 2019
For future reference: you can freeze it. When you plan to freeze it, you'd use twice as much yeast. So, you might not get as big a rise from a dough frozen due to an emergency scenario like yours. But it is doable. There's lots of info online about freezing and using frozen bread dough. I haven't baked bread in decades, though. Due to a health issue, I don't eat yeast bread anymore, so my memory of exactly what to do is a bit fuzzy. I do remember that it works.
BakerBren March 18, 2019
Punch down your dough and put it in the refrigerator (covered). In about 12 hours, you can pull it out again, let it come to room temperature and form it again then do your final proof and bake as directed. That assumes that you can fix your oven in that time or find a friend's to use. You can try for longer in the fridge to buy some time, but if your dough is ready now then it shouldn't go too much longer. You could also try punching the dough down and freezing it for a week but the results may be edible yet underwhelming. Good luck!
RJC March 18, 2019
Thank you! I fried some of the dough in a skillet (which worked pretty well, to my surprise) but I'll punch down the rest of it, as you recommended, and try and bake it tomorrow
Nancy March 19, 2019
Yes, I've done this frying-like-flatbread too and it worked.
Just a thought - wonder if steaming the dough (shaped in balls) would give you rolls that you could use?
RJC March 19, 2019
I don't have a steamer, but that does sound like an interesting (and otherwise promising) approach. Thanks!
Liz D. March 18, 2019, or or pizza on an outdoor grill...
RJC March 18, 2019
Thanks! I just used the griddle method and it worked quite well! Kind of a pancake-meets-dinner roll result
Liz D. March 20, 2019
Nice! Sounds good to me!
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