3 Pounds of Baguette Dough in the Fridge; Oven is Broken

Living overseas on government housing; the gas oven thermo-something or other is broken; won't get repaired until Tuesday. I always freeze bread after it's baked. So -- do I just break the dough into portions and freeze them? Shape the baguettes, let them rise and then freeze them? Somewhere in the middle? Happily, I have plenty of freezer space.

  • Posted by: Melusine
  • September 4, 2016


Nancy September 4, 2016
Agree with Smaug. Decision partly rests on when you need the finished bread and how much space you have in fridge/freezer and your availability to punch down dough left in fridge. You could split the dough (in whatever proportion you need), shape some loaves and freeze. Keep remainder in fridge and let proof/rise in fridge until oven repair. For the latter procedure, you will probably need to punch down the dough at intervals (plus/minus 8 hours).
Smaug September 4, 2016
You could do it any of those ways- I would form the baguettes but not let them rise. For a typical baguette texture, best to stick to a single rising (not counting sponges, poolishes or the like). If you have time, I would suggest thawing in the refrigerator.
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