Almond Coated Chicken Burgers

I have a seasoned almond coating and some fresh ground chicken patties. My problem is how to cook this. My plan is to sear the chicken patties, then coat them in the almonds, and bake them. I don't want to dry out, or undercook the chicken, or burn the almonds. Any tips would be super helpful.



Nancy March 21, 2019
I make fish in a similar way...bajed with a pecan pignoli crust.
I recommend not searing the chicken. Rather pat the almonds in place (with egg wash or msyo to help them stick). Bake on a sheet pan or oven proof frypan until about 160-165f internal temp.
Savagecabbage March 21, 2019
Right on. Thank you so much. Did not think about using mayo to coat either.
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