Ingredient mistake in James Beard quick bread recipe?

Beard on Bread-1973 byJames Beard
Apricot Bread recipe has no butter or oil?
Is this a mistake? Just water,dried apricots,baking soda,baking powder,sugar,eggs,flour and nuts. Can this be right?



Kathleen L. March 12, 2020
I haven't made James Beard's Apricot Bread for years but used to absolutely love it. I have the book. No butter. No oil. It's perfect!
Nancy March 30, 2019
Dear EastOver90 and Smaug, My curiosity is piqued and I found the original Beard recipe (not the James Paterson one) at a baker's website.
BTW, the blogger's version also has no fat, so that wasn't a typo.
And his didn't rise much, either.
For if & when you next want to try this apricot bread.
eastover90 March 29, 2019
Thanks for the replies. Yes, I’ve used this book since published in the 1970’s with great success but never the recipe for apricot bread. That’s why I’m questioning the ingredients. The Patterson recipe on the JBF site is very different-I switched to that one and have just pulled it out of the oven. It hardly rose at all...cooling now.
Smaug March 30, 2019
Having gone this far, it would be almost irresistible (at least to me) to try both recipes- let us know if you do.
mcelie February 15, 2020
I used the Apricot Bread recipe from James Beards "Beard on Bread" many times. Had No Problem. Turned out GREAT every time. Never noticed that. My Cookbook Collection was Stolen YEARS AGO. Trying to Replace My Beard on Bread Hardback. Loved that book.
Nancy March 29, 2019
Ok Smaug. Yes, by Paterson but endorsed by JBF. Maybe look it up in the book (my copy long gone).
EastOver90...your choice.

Smaug March 29, 2019
I don't think it's a mistake- a lot of people have baked Beard's recipe for years; the recipe with butter is attributed to James Patterson.
Nancy March 29, 2019
The Beard Foundation has a recipe yes, WITH butter.
See link.
By the way, I've baked most of that 1973 book and the recipes are reliable, tasty, interesting.
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