Flaky sugar cookie dough?

Hi! It's my first time making cookies and I've added all ingredients and mixed. The dough was nice and amooth up until the very last grams of flour, then it turned all flaky like in the picture. Is this normal? How do I fix it? Thanks in advance!

(I'm following this recipe: https://therecipecritic.com/the-best-sugar-cookies-ever/)

Saah DeixaFicar
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Lori T. March 30, 2019
I agree with HalfPint, it looks like what you'd expect cookie dough to look like. Your recipe directs you to chill it overnight, which will allow the flour to absorb moisture. When it's fully chilled, it will look a little more uniform in texture.
HalfPint March 29, 2019
It looks fine, like a cookie dough :)
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