Kosher salt

Do you use Mortons or Diamond Crystal? There is such a big difference between them.

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Uncle J. April 2, 2019
The two are chemically the same and taste the same, but the geometry is different, so a teaspoon of Morton's will contain more actual salt than a teaspoon of Diamond Crystal.
So if a recipe calls for a specific brand, you can try to compensate for the density difference and use the other brand. If its a recipe where I have opportunities to taste and adjust for saltiness, I will start lightly and build up - wouldn't work for most baking projects. But do yourself a favor and for everyday use, pick a brand and stick to it.
Gammy April 2, 2019
Most of the recipes that I would be interested in, if they call for a specific kosher salt, specify Diamond Crystal. Unfortunately, for me it is a bit harder to find locally so I order a large box from Amazon.
Phyllis G. April 2, 2019
Diamond Crystal.
Ttrockwood April 2, 2019
Diamond crystal is the standard for baking recipes, i would follow the advice of the headnote and add half the salt to the batter and then taste finished brownies before adding the rest as a garnish on top
tia April 3, 2019
I would absolutely not make that assumption. Diamond Crystal is weird, and very specific. Unless a recipe calls for it by name, I assume they're calling for standard table salt, probably sans iodine.

With baking recipes, though, I find that you can easily double or triple the salt and not really notice; I think a lot of recipes are undersalted.
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