Cooking times

Hey all, pretty new to all this cooking jazz.

If I have different bits of food which requires the same amount of time to cook, but is different temperature, what do I do?

Sorry to be so dumb and brain dead, but live alone, and fed up with cooking then food waiting around, to be then cold.

Look forward to replies

Ben :-)

  • Posted by: Ben22
  • April 8, 2019
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1 Comment

Ttrockwood April 9, 2019
What is it that you need to cook? Often you can roast veggies at the same temperature and just start the ones that take longer first and add ones that don’t take as long later.

Or you can cook something on the stove while the rest is in the oven.

Look over this previous article on sheet pan dinners, the concept is really simple and there are tons of variations- and you can totally just use a large casserole dish or whatever oven safe dish, it doesn’t literally need to be a sheet pan
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