Brining time

If I brine for 9 hours over night and I'm not cooking them until 5 or 6 p.m., what do with them? Do I take them out of the brine and cover on a plate or container until ready to cook?

  • Posted by: Anna
  • April 10, 2019
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Simple Brine for Pork Chops
Recipe question for: Simple Brine for Pork Chops

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Gammy April 10, 2019
The last time I brined pork chops, it got a bit late and they only brined for about 1+1/2 hours in the fridge. They were tasty and I could definitely taste the spices and salt. They could have gone longer, maybe 3-4 hours. I don't know how brining for 9+ hours overnight would affect the chops, I know chicken you would not want to brine for that long a period as the flesh can turn mushy. Could you brine in the morning, or around noon for that 5-6 PM dinner?
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