Maida Heatter’s Lemon Buttermilk Cake

After watching the wonderful video of Dorie Greenspan making this cake .. (I am going to make immediately! )
But I have one question... is the flour, salt and baking soda sifted ? In the video, Dorie did not sift the 3 ingredients!
Thanks so much for helping in advance!

Penny Penzner


Penny P. January 17, 2021
Hello everyone!
I am making this cake now but .... I am using a pan that has 6 small Bundt’s ..
Stay tuned ... had to try .. any thoughts .. however it is in the “Oven” 😌
Donna May 23, 2019
I made this cake for Easter brunch & it was fabulous. I live at 5700 ft altitude and had to "guess" the changes that would be required. Decrease sugar by 1/4 cup, Add additional 2 Tbsp flour & additional 2 Tbsp buttermilk. It worked! I made it again for a friend's 60th birthday and loved by all.
Sue April 24, 2019
I made this cake for Easter brunch. It is the best lemon cake I have ever had. Easy to make, lovely to serve. It was a huge hit with my guests and was actually better the next day.
Penny P. April 18, 2019
Hello .. Thank you so much .. so lovely to hear back fast ! As we know ... Baking so presis..
Smaug April 18, 2019
Glad to be of help- this column can be kind of hit and miss as far as response times, since the questions are mostly answered by users.
Smaug April 18, 2019
Mme. Heatter sifts the flour before measuring, then sifts those ingredients together. She also, by the way, coats the pan with bread crumbs; this is a personal thing of hers which she usually does with cakes- if you don't have appropriate bread crumbs, I've never had a problem substituting flour.
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