Pâte á Choux

What's the best way to add a specific flavor to a pâte á choux for crullers? I've seen pumpkin crullers that call for pumpkin puree, but what about raspberries or blueberries? Would that have to be made into a puree as well? Would you then need to increase the amount of eggs you're using?

  • Posted by: Juliet
  • April 19, 2019
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1 Comment

Stephanie B. April 19, 2019
Hmm...I'm only made pate a choux a handful of times, and never tried messing with the liquid ratios which I think fresh berries have the potential to do. Have you considered blitzing freeze dried berries into a powder and adding that to your batter? You won't get chunks of berries, if that was your intention, but they do pack a flavor punch. They'll probably make your batter pretty colors too, depending how much you add.
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