Too much liquid in a bundt cake

I put in a cup of liquid instead of a half

Anne Worthen Kuell
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1 Comment

Lori T. April 21, 2019
The only way you can correct this and still end up with an eatable product would be to make up a second batter. You would then add in the first batch in place of the liquid. It means you will be making two cakes instead of just the one. You could bake the extra batter in a loaf pan, or refrigerate it until the first cake finishes and the pan is available again. Fortunately, bundt cakes usually freeze well- so you can save the second one for later eating. Freeze it well wrapped and unglazed/frosted. The problem with a thin batter for cake is it usually ends up a dense pancake. And that might be a solution - make pancakes if you can't make a second cake batter. Or waffles. If you want to do this, you can add in a few more spoonfuls of flour, and a bit more of the leavening. Try to cook a test pancake or waffle, and adjust if needed. It might not end up quite the cake you wanted, but it will still taste good and you can drizzle or glaze just as you would the cake.
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