Substitute molasses

Can I use jaggery to substitute for molasses? What would be the conversion rate?

  • Posted by: GKC
  • April 22, 2019
5-Ingredient Molasses Cookie
Recipe question for: 5-Ingredient Molasses Cookie


Miss_Karen April 27, 2019
Ok, so what is jaggery?Is it like golden syrup? A local ingredient?
Lost_in_NYC April 23, 2019
I would throw caution to the wind and be careful - especially given that this is a baking item you're attempting to sub it in. If it was a more of a appetizer/entree/salad dish, I would say go for it. Jaggery can be very sweet but getting the right consistency when changed to liquid format can be tough as it hardens when cooled. Also it may not give you the liquid moisture content you'll get from molasses so you may end up putting in other liquids which might change the overall end product of the cookies. Give it a go and let us know! Good luck!
witloof April 23, 2019
I feel compelled to point out that throwing caution to the wind means the opposite of being careful. But I agree with your advice.
Smaug April 22, 2019
They have similar proportions of moisture and sugars, so you could probably sub straight up. Of course both contain a lot of other stuff and are pretty powerful flavors. The acidity in molasses is sometimes a factor, and I'm not sure if jaggery shares it, but this recipe uses baking powder so you should be OK with that.
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