Egg free nut free Mandel Bread recipe?

My son is allergic to nuts and eggs. I want to make some Mandel Bread. Any recipes?

  • Posted by: Lara
  • April 27, 2019


Lara April 28, 2019
Thanks. He is also allergic to gluten, dairy , soy and peanuts. I did figure out a gluten free recipe using flax egg swap that was ok.
Nancy April 27, 2019
Lara - are you looking for a cookie that would be like Mandel bread (or brot)? Or something savory, that could be eaten with salad or soup?
I have made Mandelbrot and, either way, biscotti most resemble them.
Look for a recipe without nuts, for sweet.
Or for something like double corn biscotti for savory...corn meal, corn kernels, parmesan cheese (if your son can eat those).
Yes, go with an egg Stephanie B suggests.

Stephanie B. April 27, 2019
I've never made mandel bread, but I'd say try a recipe you like with an egg replacer, like one of the suggestions here: And the recipes I looked up briefly use nuts as a mix in, so sub another mix in that you like! If you're looking for something with a crunch, what about pumpkin seeds?
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